Celine Filippi, United Kingdom

Head of Quality and Stem Cell Research
Hepatocyte Transplantation Group
King’s College Hospital

Celine’s research has mostly been revolving around the study of liver functions. She did her PhD in Grenoble (France), studying the effects of hypoxia on liver metabolism and bioenergetics. Her first postdoc took place the Hepatology lab, in the University of Edinburgh where she obtained her first grant to establish methods to precondition cell lines to be used in bioartificial liver support systems.  Recruited at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, she worked on the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into fully functional hepatocyte-like cells. This project was funded by Geron Corp, who then asked her in 2009 to come and develop her research with them in California to produce cells that could be used to test new drug candidates at Genentech. Coming back to Scotland, she joined Herriot Watt University to undertake Nanotoxicology studies, analysing the effects of nanoparticles on hepatocyte metabolism and bioenergetics. She left this project in 2012 to come and take a position as Senior Liver Cell Scientist in the Hepatocyte Transplantation Group, in the DhawanLab, at King’s College Hospital. Celine is now Head of Quality and Stem Cell Research in the group, focusing on the development of new treatments for children with liver diseases and their clinical translation. Her project on novel hepatocyte microbeads has attracted NIHR funding and should soon result in a clinical trial for the treatment of acute liver failure.

Lectures by Celine Filippi

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