Michael Taylor, United States

Chief Science Officer
Sylvatica Biotech, Inc.

Dr Taylor’s research interests in both the academic and corporate arenas have included: applications of low temperature in medicine and surgery; in vitro preservation of transplantable tissues; prevention of neural and myocardial ischemic injury in vivo, and mechanisms of cryoinjury in multicellular tissues with an emphasis on the development of ice-­free cryopreservation methods. These research activities have culminated in the publication of  more  than  200  peer-­reviewed  papers  and  patents  in  the  field  of  low  temperature  biology  and medicine. Dr Taylor’s standing in the field was recognized in 2010 by award of the Luyet Medal and election as a Fellow of the international Society for Cryobiology, which is a peer appointment awarded to those who have demonstrated sustained life-­long contribution to the science and field of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine.

Dr. Taylor is the inventor on record of successfully commercialized low temperature preservation solutions for mammalian tissues including Hypothermosol® (Marketed by Biolife Solutions Inc.) and Unisol® (Organ Recovery Systems, Inc.). He also played a major role in the development of the leading organ transport system LifePort® (now  serving  over  239  major  transplant  programs  in  36  countries  with  over 100,000 clinical procedures successfully performed. He has also served on the scientific advisory boards of several companies including CryoVascular Systems, Inc– Acquired by Boston Scientific in 2005, where he was a Scientific Advisor from concept (1998) to acquisition. During the past 15 years he has been Vice President for Research and Development, for three companies: Organ Recovery Systems, and Cell and Tissue Systems, and Tissue Testing Technologies, LLC  and more recently Co-­Founding CSO  of Sylvatica Bio, Inc. As specialists in cell, tissue, and organ preservation, these companies are leading contributors to the disciplines of Transplantation, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering.

Lectures by Michael Taylor

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